The Right Way to Utilize Twitter

Knowing how to correctly use social media is a huge part of any successful marketing campaign for insurance agents and other businesses. Twitter is very different than other popular social platforms and is most effective when used properly.


Twitter shows users and followers what is happening right now. The top of the newsfeed isn’t made up by a complex algorithm. It simply shows the newest and freshest content at the top. With the use of hashtags and tagging, you can choose to have your content be a part of trending topics.

See What’s Trending

Since Twitter is all about what is happening right now, it is an excellent news source. Twitter has features that allow you to see what is currently going on in the world and what people are saying. You can use this information to stay in touch with what is happening around the world. Twitter also has a section that shows off the hashtags that are trending for the day. Use that information when you don’t have anything to post about. Try to figure out a way to incorporate what is happening around you and your followers into the content you are sharing.

Not Your Average Social Media App

An interesting fact about the Twitter app is that it is placed under the news section in the Apple app store. It’s not your typical social media app – it’s an app for news. If you’re posting too much content that’s off topic from your agency or brand, then you’re going to dilute the voice of your content. Try using Twitter for professional updates so that people can see what you are doing daily at work and how you get things done. You can think of it similarly to what you would post on LinkedIn but with much more frequency and with more leeway to be creative and fun.

Engage With Your Followers Differently

Twitter is not the same type of culture as Facebook or Instagram. As an agent, your Twitter followers won’t care about what you’re eating or what your new hairstyle looks like. Save everyday casual selfies for other social platforms. Light up the newsfeed with photos of what you are doing at work. Show your followers what your day looks like. You can also uniquely engage with your audience by using the different tools that Twitter has to offer. Set up a poll and ask your followers what they think about recent changes your agency has made, or ask about their interests.

Don’t be afraid to try new things and be creative with Twitter. Keep in mind that all the content you post should be relevant to your agency, pertain to what is happening at work, and consist of information that may be of interest or be useful to your followers. Take advantage of Twitter’s chronological newsfeed and post multiple times throughout the day. Are you already utilizing Twitter as a news app? Let us know in the comments.

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