Get Clients to Understand Value Over Price

Why Value Matters More than Price

Everyone needs insurance. Legally, you have to have auto insurance to protect the “value” of other drivers and their vehicles on the road. In order for your client to feel the need for insurance, you need to demonstrate to them the value of what they’re protecting. Here are a few tips to help get you started.

Murphy’s Law

If it can happen, it will happen. What’s the worst scenario your client can imagine happening to any of their assets? Whatever they state, you could probably top with a story that actually has happened. No one is immune from having bad things happen; it’s just a part of life. Express to your clients that home, auto, and medical aren’t the only insurance necessities.

Where There is value, There is Insurance

What are your client’s hobbies? Do they have some sort of backup plan if they came home to find their vintage camera collection or saxophone missing? There is insurance for all types of damages, theft, water, and fire. As an insurance agent, this is information you know and think about every day. Your client may only think about insuring these types of items when it’s too late and they wish they had purchased coverage.


Your experience is something your client will value. The more experience you have as an agent, the better able you’ll be to customize the best insurance solutions for your clients. Get to know your clients and let them get to know you. Building a relationship with clients helps them trust you and helps you learn more about them, their lifestyles, and what types of coverage would be appropriate for them.

If no one cared about the value of anything, there wouldn’t be much need for insurance. Insurance is there for your client wherever there is value, whether it’s protecting their grandmother’s antiques locked up in a storage unit, their collectibles, a home, or business assets. MiniCo has 45 years of experience creating customized insurance solutions for a variety of industries and needs. Protect your clients by taking a look at the range of products we offer and get a quote today!




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