Ways to Build your Insurance Business this Fall

Small_Business_MarketingThere are more opportunities in small business marketing these days than ever before. These days, a small business looking to market itself has access to nearly all the same tools and techniques as the major companies, even if the budget is a lot smaller. The tech gap has narrowed considerably.

Even better, most Internet-based marketing techniques are extremely inexpensive to use, so they’re perfect for insurance agencies looking to build their lead lists on a budget.

So, we’ve put together a few ideas for online small business marketing tricks to start implementing for the fall!

Small Business Marketing Ideas That Pay Off For Insurance Firms

  • Email promotions:You can drum up a lot of extra business by sending off the occasional well-targeted email to your existing clients and most-qualified leads. Just be careful not to spam.
  • Newsletters:A monthly email newsletter with a mixture of industry news and entertainment keeps people reading your materials, and is less obvious than a pure sales pitch.
  • Get involved locally:Besides the obvious exposure, sponsored ventures in your town garner a lot of media for your marketing and your website, as well as plenty of content to share on social media. It’s a self-promotion bonanza.
  • eBooks:Create some premium-grade eBooks going in detail over areas of insurance that people have the most trouble with. Free instructional materials make a great Call-to-Action pitch that adds email addresses to your list.
  • Live Webinars:These days, all you need is a laptop with a webcam to host your own webinars. This is another great way to get information out to an interested public. Try holding a series of them, with chat Q&A afterwards.
  • More social media outreach:Get more involved in social media, especially LinkedIn. Making positive contributions to LinkedIn insurance groups is a great way to get noticed and make new industry contacts.
  • Pay-Per-Click ads:Google Adwords Express makes local PPC marketing a fifteen-minute process, and only costs as much as you’re willing to pay. When combined with CTAs for your eBooks or webinars, you can increase your reach for pennies per visitor.

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