Avoid These 4 Mistakes to Make Your Insurance Agency Website Top Notch

We know that every business needs a website, but what makes a great insurance website? The purpose of a website is to make life easier for you and your current and future clients. It is an online space full of information that your users can access on their own before contacting your business for more details. Build an effective website and it will do exactly that as long as you follow these simple rules for creating a top–notch insurance agency website.

4 Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Unorganized Website Layout

Your website won’t be effective if users can’t find what they need. This means you need to have a strong homepage that is attractive with headers that are easy to read and navigate. Blurry and overstretched images or chaotic use of text and branding throughout the pages can turn users away. Your homepage should be easy to read and not feel cluttered. Having a page that lacks organization can lead people to bounce right off your site, and that will hurt your SEO (search engine optimization). When it comes to website layouts, less is more. Provide only the information that is necessary so pages don’t become giant walls of text. Keep your design simple, clean, uniform, and easy to navigate for the best user experience.

  1. Negative Language

Becoming the first listing on internet search engine results is a tough competition, but the language on your website shouldn’t be. Stay positive about your business, the industry, and competitors. The majority of consumers dislike when one business criticizes another competitor. Being positive sets a high bar for your business and can be an effective marketing strategy. Be the good guy your audience wants to work with. This tip also applied to your social media posts. The internet is forever, so be kind and be positive.

  1. Stale Content

Search engines and social media platforms all crave fresh and unique content. You’re not the only insurance agency out there, so it is important to stand out. Avoid using the same content that everyone else is using and try something that will set you apart. Find what makes your agency unique and emphasize that in every area of your content that you can to include your website, blog posts, videos, and social media posts. And don’t forget to refresh your website and content periodically. Make sure coverage information is up to date, add upcoming events, and ensure that all links are working properly.

4. Focusing Too Much on Your Product
Selling too hard can be a turn off. Audiences like to learn about your business and your product but generally don’t appreciate a hard sell. Try having an “about us” section as well as a place for people to read reviews. Your business is more than just your product line. Let your visitors see what others have to say about what makes your agency so wonderful in addition to the products and services you offer.

The bottom line for websites is to stay organized, stay positive, keep up your content, and show off what makes your insurance agency unique. These are the tricks to help your agency’s website become top notch. Have any of your own tips to add? Tell us in the comments below!

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