Creative Ways to Welcome New Insurance Clients to Your Agency

Welcoming New Insurance Clients

Every insurance agent loves getting new clients. You worked hard to turn that lead into a full-fledged client, and now it’s time to say thanks and welcome them to your agency. Here are a few ways make new insurance clients feel at home with your agency.

Welcome Letter

  • Postcard
  • Email
  • Warm and bold colors

Send your new clients an email or postcard using bold colors. Use the bright colors to capture their attention. This letter should contain helpful information such as your location, website, direct phone line, and social media accounts. This can be a great opportunity to brag about your agency, too. Using visually captivating infographics that show impressive stats and interesting facts about your agency can help to reinforce that they made a great choice in selecting your agency.

Welcome Package

  • Freebies
  • FAQs
  • Email list

Everyone likes getting a little something! Create a welcome package that you can physically send to your client or give to them in person. Fill it with items your client is likely to use that reinforce your brand such as pens, note pads, or USB drives featuring your logo and company name. Accompany the fun swag with a little packet of useful information. Create a branded folder that has copies of their policy information and common FAQs. This way your client can easily store all current and future documentation in the same place.

Your clients will feel that they are in good hands when the agency they have chosen goes out of their way for them. If you’d like to take an extra step to welcome new clients, consider creating an email list that’s just for newcomers. The email could contain frequently asked questions along with “how to’s” such as using the website, following your social media accounts, and filing a claim.

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