Google Ads vs. Google Ad Words: What Has Changed?

More Than a Name Change

A lot of online marketing changes have happened in 2018. Facebook has changed how ads are run, Twitter doubled their character limit for posts, Instagram introduced a TV app (insert link to blog), and now Google AdWords has unveiled a complete makeover starting with the name: Google AdWords is now Google Ads.

New look

  • Easy-to-navigate interface
  • Recommendations
  • Google consultants

Google is attempting to become a marketing platform that everyone can use. This starts by having a new interface that is more user-friendly. You can now navigate more easily between campaigns and see how they change over time. Google Ads also has a new recommendations section that suggests changes to a campaign’s bids and keywords. Plus, with the new notes feature, you can now create memos to keep track of changes that you have made.

Recently Google has been pushing the use of their free consultants. Since you’re already giving Google money for ads, they’ve been offering free use of their Google Ads consultants. It can be argued that the advice provided by Google employees is calculated to encourage you to spend more of your ad dollars. However, Google cannot force you to make any changes you don’t want to make. Regardless, if you have a quick question about how to use Google Ads, Google consultants are easily accessible for expert advice.

Expanded text ads (again)

Earlier in the year, text ads were expanded. Recently, they have been expanded again. You can now have three headlines, a second description, and up to 90 characters for each description. This allows for bigger and bolder ads with more variations. Google can switch up the headlines and the descriptions you provide to find an ad that best suits user searches. Expanded ads are good because bigger ads are more likely to be clicked. With more information being presented, the user may see more highlighted keywords, making your ad stand out as compared to competitor listings. Once everyone starts optimizing with expanded text ads, it will be interesting to see how that affects the front page of Google searches. Larger ads are great for advertisers, but end users may be annoyed by expanded ads.

Are you already using Google Ads? What changes have you noticed that have had the biggest impact on your campaigns? Keep an eye out for more updates that are sure to come as Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) continues to grow.

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