Why and How you Should connect with other Independent Insurance Agents

Insurance_MarketingIt’s easy to think of independent insurance marketing as a ‘lone wolf’ sort of business.  After all, everyone’s competing against everyone else for the same customers, right?

Well, that might have been how it worked in the past, but these days, there are plenty of great reasons to connect with your fellow independent insurance agents.  If you haven’t been looking to forge closer connections to them, we’ve got some ideas that might change your mind!

How Other Independent Agents Can Boost Your Insurance Marketing

The important thing to keep in mind is that the pool of customers has become much larger, thanks to the Internet.   It’s become easier than ever for agents to reach out to customers on the other side of the state, or even on the other side of the country.

More customers means the competition doesn’t need to be as fierce.


Referrals can make up to 80% of an insurance agent’s client base, and plenty of those can come from other agents.  After all, we’re not all selling the same types of policies.  If you’re in life insurance, make friends with people in health insurance.  If you cover houses, find a collectibles insurer to refer specialty cases to.

That give-and-take when dealing with customers wanting services you don’t provide is a perfect way for everyone involved to build their insurance business.

Social Media Word-of-Mouth

Social media has especially changed how businesses and customers talk to each other and make connections.  You should definitely be seeking to make new friends and connections in the industry through social media.

Why?  Because then if you post a blog or a LinkedIn status update they find particularly interesting, they’ll share it on their social services, which increases your exposure.  If you do the same for them, everyone involved gets a big boost to their own online insurance marketing plans.

Reach Out In 2014!

Don’t feel like you have to go it alone.  The Internet has made collaboration between insurance agents a great way to boost everyone’s client base, while connecting clients to the services they need

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