Why Customer Feedback is Vital in the Insurance Industry

Insurance BusinessThere’s been a lot of change in business/consumer relations in recent years, since the explosion of social media, although unfortunately, not all businesses seem to have noticed yet.

Today’s customers are savvy and recognize the power in social media. Social media is one of the first places they look for product information, and they are more than happy to give their opinion of companies, good or bad. They’re used to their voice being heard, and they are coming to expect businesses to listen.

After all, it’s a very big Internet and today’s consumers are also aware that they can get virtually anything they could want from a thousand sources around the world.

In the insurance business, cultivating and maintaining customers is of utmost importance, and always has been. An insurance firm needs to build trust and loyalty to maintain its customer base. Plus, personal recommendations are among the top ways to get new business, so an engaged client is a walking advertisement.

So, online customer feedback is something that needs to be taken very seriously these days. The voxpopuli is fickle, but more than anything they want to be heard. Companies today that can establish a true rapport with an online customer will often discover they become fierce advocates.

Three Ways To Turn Customer Feedback Into Insurance Business Advocacy

Basically, there’s only three main things to keep in mind:

1. Acknowledge their complaint. An ignored customer is a lost customer. Show empathy and that you understand their side. Including a reworded summary of their problem in your response is always a good idea.

2. Give it due consideration. In general, try to fulfill requests when possible. That said, still stand your ground if their complaint is legitimately unfounded. Even today, you still can’t please everyone.

3. Always be gracious. Rule Zero of Internet Marketing should be: Never, ever argue with a client or customer online. Ever. If it’s bad news or you can’t help, give a reasonable explanation. Politeness matters.

Remember those three issues, and you’ll be turning feedback into outreach, improving your insurance business in the process.

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