Why Google Reviews are Important for Your Insurance Business and How to Ask Your Clients for Them

Insurance_Marketing_OnlineOne element of insurance marketing online that often seems to be overlooked is online reviews. More than two thirds of Americans now say they’re influenced by online reviews, and the use of mobile devices to comparison shop while on the move is steadily rising as well.

Online reviews are a huge part of the buying process for more and more people, and they’re more likely to research the less familiar they are with the product. Positive online reviews will do a lot to boost your visibility, especially from local areas.

Google’s own review system is probably the most important of all for boosting your insurance marketing online. Google’s search system rewards businesses with favorable reviews – a series of high ratings gives you a significant SEO boost as a bonus.

The problem is, of course, that you can’t entirely control the message. Some companies seem to feel that online reviews are totally outside their control, but there are still ways to influence it.

7 Quick Tips On Utilizing Online Reviews In Your Insurance Marketing

  1. Get on as many sites as possible. It’ll take someone a few hours, but it pays off in the long run.
  2. Incentives like coupons work well, but keep them small. There’s no hard line between incentive and bribe to the review websites, but it’s generally agreed that token gifts are fine.
  3. Don’t be shy about asking directly, but accept ‘no’ quickly if it comes. People pestered into leaving reviews rarely write good ones.
  4. Pay attention to the negative reviews, too. If the customers have legitimate complaints, addressing them just leads to better reviews.
  5. Brief reminders in follow-up or thank-you emails are also effective as CTAs.
  6. If you respond to reviews,alwayskeep it positive. There’s nothing to be gained by arguing.
  7. Gaining more Facebook leads can often lead to more reviews, since Facebook integrates with so many review sites. Plus, heavy social users on any platform are more likely to be frequent reviewers.

Make the reviewing process as simple and positive as possible, and you’ll see a lot more talk about your insurance firm online.

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