Why Great Employees Quit Their Jobs

There can be many factors as to why someone quits or leaves your agency. But if the individual was a good worker and you were a bit blindsided by their decision to leave, they may fall into one of these categories.


Sometimes work piles up, and your employees begin to find themselves hating the job they used to love. Great and talented employees love to contribute during the work day, but if they begin to feel overworked and overwhelmed they may burnout and find themselves looking for another job.

Not Rewarded

You do not have to reward you employees all the time. However, you should be doing simple things like thanking them for their work or telling them “great job” after they’ve accomplished something. These little verbal things will not only strengthen your relationship but also validate the work they do.

Lack of Movement

If there is a lack of upward growth for your employees, it can deter them from staying with your agency. The growth does not necessarily have to come from new positions, but at least some sort of monetary growth should be available if an individual is able to hit certain goals.

No Further Development

Outside of raises and promotions, your employees also demand developmental growth. If their job is to remain unchanging for years to come, there will be no more challenges for them and they will begin to get bored. Luckily, most roles are ever–changing, and there will always be more for them to learn and new skills to master. Try to give employees tasks that will keep their creativity engaged, have meetings dedicated to sharing each other’s knowledge, or find workshops or conventions you can send them to enhance learning opportunities. These steps are crucial for keeping employees active in the industry and showing them that they still have much to learn from working within your agency.

Even when all these steps have been carefully addressed, you still may lose a few good employees. Addressing these areas will help to foster a stronger connection with your employees and improve your skills as a team leader.

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