Why Listening will Make you a Great Insurance Agent

Insurance_AgentsThere’s a tendency for anyone in a sales position to feel like they need to be the ones talking constantly. Call it the Used Car Salesman Effect – the idea that if you keep up a steady stream of patter, you’ll eventually batter down a mark’s defenses and “force” them into a purchase.

However, these days, such high-pressure tactics tend to backfire. With so many agents to choose from online, if you pressure your leads, they’re likely to just take those insurance sales to another firm.

Listening skills
are great tools for boosting your own insurance sales, as well as simply making yourself more likeable to your clients. Being a good listener makes your clients feel important, and believe you’re looking out for their best interests.

How Listening Drives Your Insurance Sales

  1. Most people don’t know exactly what they want.
    You’re going to have far more information on what plans and services you have available than your buyers will. If you pay attention to their needs, the first time they explain them, you’ll be in a far better position to suggest the perfect plan for them on the first try. That impresses nearly any lead.
  2. You learn things about them.
    Learn to pick up details about peoples’ lives from what they say. Matters like their marital status, children, even their hobbies can give you clues to what insurance products they would find most appealing. These clues then give you great lead-ins for upsales too!
  3. Repeat what they said back to them.
    It’s a simple rapport-building skill, but it’s effective in virtually any line of sales. If you remember something that someone said a few minutes -or a few days- later, you’re going to impress them.
  4. Ask questions that respond to what they say.
    Seek clarification. It shows you’re paying attention, interested, and looking to better suit their needs. Don’t leap immediately into your pitch – take a little time to clarify their needs before pushing for a sale.

So, next time you’re trying to make a sale, try being more attentive. You might be surprised how far it takes you!

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