Work From Home Life: Importance of Maintaining a Schedule

Finding motivation in the office sometimes is a struggle, and that lack of motivation can increase at home when you are surrounded by distracting elements. How can you tap into your work mojo when your surroundings make it feel like you’re not at work? Creating a schedule that guides the flow of your day can help create healthy patterns. Follow these tips for ideas on how to structure your work days at home with scheduling.

  • Create a working space

    Not everyone has the luxury of their own home office. But it helps to focus and stay alert when working from home if you eliminate distractions. If there’s a TV in the room, leave it off during working hours. If other people are home and are making distracting noise, put on some headphones or earbuds so you can zone in on your work. And remember to take breaks.

  • Time your breaks

    Pay attention to how you work best. Time can slip away during a break if you’re not careful. Set specific times each day to take breaks. If you’re someone who gets carried away with doing tasks, leave your bigger tasks to do later in the day. You will get a sense of accomplishment from achieving smaller tasks at the beginning of the day. After each task or after 3 hours of work, set a timer for a 10-15 minute break before taking on your next challenge.

  • Identify the hours you work best and stick to that schedule

    Your job may allow you more freedom to set your work hours while working from home. It’s good to set your routine with a strict time to begin and end working. This is important! Since you’re home already, it can be tempting to start work early or work later. Doing so can easily lead to burn out.

  • Get dressed

    You don’t have to be dressed in business casual, but you will feel much better in the morning if you treat it like a regular work day. Doing basic morning rituals are part of what makes one feel awake and alert. Opting out of daily routines like waking at a certain time, showering, getting dressed, brushing your hair, or having breakfast can make a work day feel like a weekend. And no one wants to be working on a weekend.

    You shouldn’t let yourself forget your routine just because you are working from home. It may take some time to adjust. But once you find your sweet spot, stick to that routine daily. It should help you feel more connected to your workday and increase your productivity. Share any tips you have for working from home in the comments below!

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