Guide to Working from Home

Creating a Work Space

Not everyone has a designated office in their home. Some people may be working from home with several others present including those who may also be working from home. This can make it difficult to find your own private space to work within your living quarters. It is important to try to carve out your own designated work space while maintaining separate space for when you are not working. If you spend too much time in one room that serves multiple daily purposes, like the kitchen, you may find yourself at dinner time still feeling like you are at work.

If possible, try to rotate to a different space every other day to freshen up your surroundings. For example, if you find yourself working in the living room every day, try to switch it up every other day into the bedroom, kitchen, or even onto a patio outside. It can be difficult to separate work from your daily life when they both take place in the same area and you don’t have a designated office area.

Creating Head Space

As mentioned before, not everyone has the luxury of having a private and quiet place to focus on work in the midst of a busy household. This doesn’t mean you can’t create a working area. Start by eliminating the distractions you are can control. This can be done by putting your phone on silent or flipping it over to eliminate distractions. Some phones have settings that can limit app usage during working hours so you don’t get distracted. Unfortunately there isn’t a way to control other people in the household from creating noise and other distractions.

If you have trouble getting into the work zone, another method is to try meditating. About 15 minutes before your work day begins, put on some headphones and try to meditate to start your day focused and refreshed. Listening to music with headphones throughout the workday is another way to block out sounds from the house that may be distracting.

How long have you been working from home? Let us know in the comments if you have tips that work best for you!

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