Is Your Insurance Agency Interacting With Your Community?

How informed is your audience about your agency? They may know all about your policies, updates, new branch locations, and holiday hours, but do they know what your agency actually does? When it comes to social media, your viewers and followers are part of your community. Whether your followers are near or far, your agency should be interacting with that community.

Community Updates

  • Build a Relationship
  • Share Local News

Social media is all about creating a connection with your followers. You want them to be able to associate themselves with your agency. Build up a relationship with your followers by being relatable. Post about how that new coffee chain around the corner has your whole agency wired and ready to go. Remember, your followers may or may not be local to you. Know your audience and identify two or three areas in which most of your followers are living. Are there any incoming storms that they should know about? Offer some storm preparation tips and remind them that they may need additional coverage!

Showcasing Staff

To build a closer relationship between your clients and followers and your agency, show them what goes on between 8 and 5. Take the opportunity during the next office birthday party to make a live video. People like to see real content and the personal moments that go on during the day. Put the spotlight on an agent or team member who has gone above and beyond or anyone who is working on something creatively outside of the office. Your fellow insurance agents are hard workers. Show off your coworkers to your followers and allow them to have an inside look at the people that make your agency great.

Saying Thanks

Give a shout-out to your followers on social media and thank them! Giving thanks and showing appreciation is a nice way to make your online community feel good. If your agency doesn’t have a social media presence, it’s more than acceptable to send out an email that thanks your previous and current clients for choosing your agency.

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